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July 10, 2006

show functions – new to Arbortext 5.2

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<tt>show functions [package] [output=filename]</tt>

A useful new command was added to Arbortext 5.2. The show functions command displays a list of all the functions defined in the specified package along with a count of the number of times each function was called in the current session.

package is the name of a loaded package or the fully qualified path name of the file defining the functions.


"show functions main" displayed...

Functions defined in file C:\Program Files\Epic\v5.2\lib\init.acl:

Name Calls
is_unix 29
is_windows 12
oid_is_tbl_wrapper 0
oid_is_tbl_viewimage 0
save_point 0
restore_point 0
clear_point 0
re_search_forward 0

May 5, 2006

Adding URL Menu Item to Arbortext Editor

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This example shows how to add a URL as a menu item using ACL in Arbortext Editor:

<tt>menu_add &quot;.Help.&quot; &quot;W3C Technical Reports&quot;</tt>
<tt> -cmd {browse_url('<a HREF=""></a>')}</tt>

August 16, 2005

Return Path of APTCUSTOM Folder

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Function for finding the location of the customer folder for Epic
Editor and Styler.


March 11, 2005

Change the color of change tracking in Epic Using ACL

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modify_tag -global aticldel

How to run a batch file from ACL

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You can use the ACL “sh” command, which shells out to the operating system.

For example:

sh start mybatchfile.cmd;

Return Unqiue Element Content

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  • Quick helper function when going after unique elements known to be present in a document.
  • No Error Handeling
  • If there are two of the same element only returns the first


function return_unique_element_content(elementname){

local status = oid_find_children(oid_null(), $arr, $elementname)

if ($status == 1) {

local elemoid = $arr[1]

local elemcontent = oid_content($arr[1]);

return $elemcontent



Searching a List for a Value in ACL

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This provides a way of checking a value against a list.
function check_doctype() {
if ($name in DOCTYPES) {

See what the Java class path is in Epics embedded JVM

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 eval  java_static('java.lang.System', 'getProperty',     'java.class.path')

Show the command behind the menu item

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eval menu_cmd(“.Format.Modify Element in Context”)

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