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April 21, 2005

Web Service Console Eclipse Plugin

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The SOAP message sender plugin is a view in the Eclipse IDE from which raw SOAP messages can be sent to a web service.

April 18, 2005

Google Preview Extension

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Another must have for Firefox. The extension inserts preview images (thumbnails) of the web page result.

Note that I had to delete my google cookie before this worked correctly.


April 8, 2005

FOP Current Status

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Current FOP status:

April 7, 2005

Avant Broswer

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For those of us stuck using Internet Explorer for some things, I suggest using the “Avant Browser“. It is the Internet Explorer window embedded in something that actually can do Tab Browsing. I’ve been fairly happy with it. Still prefer Firefox and that set of commands.


Reinventing the Wheel by Steve Kemper

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“Reinventing the Wheel” by Steve Kemper. Describes the history of the Segway Human Transporter. Having worked with products from inception to manufacturing, it gave me a good laugh. Also gives good insight into the inventors mind.


CSS maxheight and maxwidth properties

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Internet Explorer does not support the maxheight and maxwidth properties of CSS2. Firefox supports them fine.


April 4, 2005

Customizing XML Application Behavior with Java and Type based Business Objects (TBOs) – A Case Study

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Documentum XML Applications control how XML documents integrate with a Documentum docbase. It is sometimes necessary to customize these simple operations to apply business logic and enforce object-specific business rules that can be implemented only by developing additional code. Article discusses writing Java code that can be called from within an XML configuration file and implement a TBO.

April 1, 2005

Firefox History

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As a big supporter or Firefox I really enjoyed this history. I found the article via Slasdot.


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