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May 26, 2005

ViewCVS: Repository Browsing

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ViewCVS is a browser interface for CVS and Subversion version control repositories. It generates templatized HTML to present navigable directory, revision, and change log listings. It can display specific versions of files as well as diffs between those versions. Basically, ViewCVS provides the bulk of the report-like functionality you expect out of your version control tool, but much more prettily than the average textual command-line program output.


ViewCVS for Windows:

Windows Configuration README:

WDK Eclipse Plugin

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Eclipse plugin provides an abstraction layer for the XML config files needed to customize WDK-based applications such as Webtop and DA. More information available at the Documentum Developer Site.

May 25, 2005

Defining a specific JRE for Eclipse

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Depending of the Java Home Settings on your machine, you may run into trouble with Eclipse. You can pass in a parameter at startup to Eclipse to specify which JRE you wish to use. Another option is that you can create a folder in the Eclipse install called JRE and then place the appropriate JRE in that directory.

Rules for Reuse Explored

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What makes a useful reuse object? In addition, how do you define that reuse object with XML markup? A good candidate should have the following qualities:
  • Self Contained
  • Standalone
  • Context Independent
Self Contained- The object should carry all of the information it needs to express itself in any context that it may find itself in. This would include things such as attributes and metadata .
Standalone- The object should be understandable outside of any context it may find itself in. This is especially important for translation purposes.
Context Independent- The object should not carry specific contexts. (Example: Refer to the previous section…). Context Independence and reusability can be in conflict. For example an entire instruction set for configuring a computer program may be similar for Windows and Unix but there are slight differences depending on the OS. Using attributes as a profiling axis may help overcome some of the problems but may introduce others in areas such as translation.

May 24, 2005

Instructions for Installing Adobe SVG Viewer Plugin for Firefox

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When you install the Adobe SVG viewer on a windows system, only Internet Explorer will know about the plugin. If you wish to use it with Firefox follow these instructions:

  1. Copy C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\SVG Viewer 3.0\Plugins\NPSVG3.dll to the plugins folder of your Firefox installation.

  2. Copy C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\SVG Viewer 3.0\Plugins\ to the plugins folder of your Firefox installation.

  3. Restart you Firefox browser.

May 8, 2005

Google Search Now Indexes PDF files

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I am still amazed at what this tiny software program can do! Google has addressed one of my biggest complaints with the initial version of Desktop Search which was indexing PDF files. Now in addition to indexing PDF files, they have a built in plugin extension mechanism for other file formats. One file format I would love to see added is the help .chm file format. Imagine being able to search all of the help files on a machine from a common interface.


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