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July 30, 2005

WINE for Me!

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Setup WINE recently to give me access to some old and some new Windows programs from Linux. Wine is an Open Source implementation of the Windows API on top of X.

From more information on WINE and to get the latest copy, refer to

A must have once you get WINE installed is WINE TOOLS. This will help you get your virtual windows file system setup etc.

List of the Programs that I was able to get working under the latest version of WINE (Note programs that ran on Windows 98 have a fair success rate. Newer programs have less success unless they have been a focus for the WINE developers.)

  • Internet Explorer 6 SP1 (Mouse Events and Drag and Drop are a bit strange. Drag and Drop crashes the X Window)
  • Office 97 (MS Word mouse events are a bit funky but it at least gives you a true representation of the document)
  • Visio 4
  • Adobe Acrobat 4.0 (Not the reader but the full thing) Reader should work as well.

WINE is definitely not a substitute for VMWARE but it brings some nice additional functionality to the Linux Desktop.

July 22, 2005

Looking up keys in a separate xml file

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Was recently working on an XSLT filter that extracted the text portion of SVG graphics into another file for translation. Once translated I needed a mechanism to merge the text back into the graphic. The document function did nicely.


<xsl:key name="descriptionlookup" 
match="Descriptions/Description" use="@name"/>
<xsl:variable name="desc" select="document('desc.xml')"/>


<xsl:template match="InsertDescription">
	<xsl:variable name="key_value" select="@lookup"/>
	<xsl:for-each select="$desc">

July 20, 2005

Getting the xscreensavers in FC4

Filed under: Linux — cangione @ 3:34 am
The screensaver package got split into 3 packages.

To start the process use:

yum search xscreensaver

Other Packages that can be installed by yum:


yum install xscreensaver-extra

yum install xscreensaver-gl-extras



July 18, 2005

Windows File Shares do not appear in FC4 Network List

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If you are having trouble seeing windows shares with FC4 here are some

  1. To specify the default workgroup for Samba Networking edit the /etc/samba/smb.conf
  2. As root type setup services
  3. Go to System Serices and ensure that the following services are
    • NetworkManager
    • network
    • smb

Clear things up for me at least


July 15, 2005

Using rdesktop instead of VMWare for client display

Filed under: Linux — cangione @ 11:59 am
One of the things that I’ve found annoying about using VMWare in Linux is
that you either have to go full screen or you can’t utilize the entire
working space of one desktop. You might get close at say 1280X960 but
it is not “perfect”.
I tried something last night that I like better.

  1. Set windows client to allow remote connections.
  2. Created
    the following line in a shell script:
rdesktop -g workarea -a
16 -E -D -x l -u “user name” -p “[pass]” [computer name]
The -g option with the special word workarea
sets the client desktop resolution to take up all the area on the
screen except the Linux toolbars. So it fits “perfect”. For the rest of
the options read the man page for rdesktop.
The other obvious advantage that I can see to this approach is that if you
run multiple VMs at once you can give each client their own desktop
instead of having to use the VM tabs.

July 8, 2005

MarkLogic 3.0 Server

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Public Demo available from Mark Logic showing off the MarkLogic 3.0
Server. The server uses XQUERY to server up XML content from various



Intel Centrino Wireless Setup with FC4

Filed under: Linux — cangione @ 6:00 pm

Ah such a simple task! What a pain but it is fairly simple once you
understand the steps.

The project was created by Intel to enable support for the Intel
PRO/Wireless 2100 Network Connection mini PCI adapter.

Some notes:

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