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August 21, 2005

Clear DHCP Leases in Linux

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When switching networks the DHCP lease on a network adapter such as eth1 is not always cleared causing problems connecting to another network. You can manually remove the lease by going to:


August 16, 2005

Return Path of APTCUSTOM Folder

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Function for finding the location of the customer folder for Epic
Editor and Styler.


August 10, 2005

Optional Ant Tasks

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Not all tasks are built into the core distribution of ANT. There are additional tasks that ANT can perform if the option is available.

For a list of optional tasks refer to:

Suspend to Memory

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ACPI, which stands for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface, is the successor to APM (Advanced Power Management). The specification provides for many functions besides power management, such as thermal management and plug-and-play events.

The purpose of this post is to outline the steps for setting up ACPI suspend to memory under Fedora Core 4. When the lid is closed on the laptop, the system should suspend.

File setup

Create the file /etc/acpi/events/lid.conf containing the lines


Create the file /etc/acpi/actions/ containing the lines

  /usr/bin/dbus-send --system 

  /sbin/hwclock --systohc
  echo -n mem > /sys/power/state
  /sbin/hwclock --hctosys

and make it executable.

  chmod 755 /etc/acpi/actions/

Helpful Sources of Information

August 4, 2005

Removing RPMs from Linux

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One task that is often needed is the ability to remove rpms that are currently installed.

The following example demonstrates how to remove installed rpms.

Lets say we need to find the apache package. First you need to find the specific version.

[<a HREF="mailto:root@locallocalhost">root@localhost</a>]# rpm -qa apache | grep apache
[<a HREF="mailto:root@localhost">root@localhost</a>]#

So, we need to remove the apache-1.3.19-5 package.

[<a HREF="mailto:root@localhost">root@localhost</a>]# rpm -w apache-1.3.19-5

All gone assuming there were no dependency problems.

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