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July 10, 2006

show functions – new to Arbortext 5.2

Filed under: ACL,Software — cangione @ 4:49 pm

<tt>show functions [package] [output=filename]</tt>

A useful new command was added to Arbortext 5.2. The show functions command displays a list of all the functions defined in the specified package along with a count of the number of times each function was called in the current session.

package is the name of a loaded package or the fully qualified path name of the file defining the functions.


"show functions main" displayed...

Functions defined in file C:\Program Files\Epic\v5.2\lib\init.acl:

Name Calls
is_unix 29
is_windows 12
oid_is_tbl_wrapper 0
oid_is_tbl_viewimage 0
save_point 0
restore_point 0
clear_point 0
re_search_forward 0

July 5, 2006

Goodbye Palm

Filed under: Rants/Musings — cangione @ 3:54 am

I threw out my wife’s Palm V tonight. I was kind of sad about throwing away a perfectly good device till I reflected that I’ve done without my Palm Pilot for over a year and don’t know how to live without my Blackberry! I update a contact in MS Outlook and it just shows up on my Blackberry. Sync? Why the hell would i want to do that? Notes, Tasks list …. Same Question?

Being of the instant gratification generation, I want one device and I want it to do everything! Sorry Palm, you have become irrelevant in my life…..Now if I could just say the same about MS Outlook!


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