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December 21, 2005

Strange things when you forget the namespace!

Filed under: XSLT — cangione @ 9:49 pm

When your XSLT stylesheet seems to be doing strange things remember to
check the root element for a namespace. I banged my head against the
wall tonight for a good hour trying to figure out why I was getting
such strange results from simple template matches. If I did a match on
a wildcard like * it worked fine but if I did a specific match or xpath
expression nothing was coming back!


<myroot element xmlns="">

Once you remember to check the root for a namespace life is fairly
simple just declare the namespace:



Note that I declare the namespace twice. Once so I can address
it in the input file as “bogus:<some_element>” and then as the
default namespace for the resulting file so I don’t have namespaces
declared all over the place.

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