Provides two new data types for storing data:

Pandas also has SQL-like functions for merging, joining, and sorting dataframes.

NOTE: float64 means number with 64 bits of precision.

Labels to Entries of a Series


Combine series to create a dataframe using concat function

DEF: NaN - Not a Number

Accessing and Modifying Dataframes

Add and Drop Columns or Rows

axis=0 is row axis=1 is a column

Remove Dataframe index labels


Mean function


Combining data frames

Ways to combine dataframes are similar to SQL.

Three methods:

1. concat
2. join
3. merge



Merge - combines dataframes using a column's values to identify common entries on = which column are we going to try and find common entries. Must be common betweenthe dataframes. how = which rows do we want to combine. (outer or inner)

    outer = union of all similar rows.
    inner = intersection of rows between data frames.


Join - combines dataframes using the index to identify common entries. similar to merge but using index labels instead of using vales from one of the columns.

    NOTE: Syntax is a bit different from merge as well.

Additional Functionalities of pandas

Saving Data Frames to CSV and Excel