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March 23, 2018

View a JAR manifest without opening it from a Terminal Window

Filed under: Java,Linux — cangione @ 9:14 am

unzip -p jdiff.jar META-INF/MANIFEST.MF

Because the -p option specifies that the unzip command should write its output to standard output rather than to an actual file, there is no need to clean up any files.


unzip -p ant.jar META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
Manifest-Version: 1.0
Ant-Version: Apache Ant 1.7.1
Created-By: 10.0-b22 (Sun Microsystems Inc.)

Name: org/apache/tools/ant/
Specification-Title: Apache Ant
Specification-Version: 1.7.1
Specification-Vendor: Apache Software Foundation
Implementation-Version: 1.7.1
Implementation-Vendor: Apache Software Foundation

November 1, 2012

Portable Network Graphics (PNG)

Filed under: Linux,XML — cangione @ 11:31 pm

I like Portable Network Graphics for bitmap images. PNGs improve on the GIF format and are presentable in either PDF or web-based formats.

I was dealing with a client's data this week that included PNG graphics. The output quality was really poor but when I opened each graphic in a program like GIMP the image quality was fine. Turns out the source PNG files were corrupt. GIMP was fixing them before rendering them to the screen.

I found the corruption by using a Linux based command line utility called pngcheck.


Once I discovered the problem, I used another command line utility called pngcrush with a shell script to loop through all the graphics and fix the errors.


I love command lines!

C. Angione

February 13, 2009

Controling Multiple Computers Without a Keyboard Switch

Filed under: Linux,Software — cangione @ 3:57 pm

When I'm working in my home office, I typically have my Windows XP laptop on the left hand side of my desk next the rest of my monitors. I've always wanted to control the laptop from my main keyboard and mouse without having to hook up a keyboard switch. I find the hardware solution annoying when you are trying to work on both machines essentially at once or when you just want to pick up your laptop and sit somewhere else (lazy I know). When I drag my mouse off the left side of my Linux Desktop I want to control my laptop. When I drag my cursor off the right side of my laptop screen I want to resume working with my Linux Desktop. Essentially I want to seamlessly make my Windows XP Desktop part of my Linux Desktop.

There is an open source project called Synergy that functions exactly this way over your TCP/IP network. The program redirects the mouse and keyboard as you move the mouse off the edge of a screen. Synergy also merges the clipboards on each system into one, allowing you to copy-and-paste between systems. Handy for copying stuff out of e-mail!

Like all good open source projects the program works on any combination of Linux, Windows XP and MAC OS X 10.2 and higher.


Charles Angione

June 7, 2006

Fedora Re-Spins Available

Filed under: Linux — cangione @ 8:52 pm

The Fedora Community released re-spins of Fedora Core 5 last week. It incorporates the latest updates available for the release which leads to less download time after your installation. The kernel-2.6.15-1.2054_FC5 shipped with FC5 disallowed the loading of any non-GPL modules. This was quickly fixed but marred the release.

Additionally the Fedora Community plans to re-spin often. Re-Spins will be provided each month for supported releases. This is a welcome addition for people that wait until a release settles down and mirrors the consistent release schedule that commercial vendors are adopting.

May 4, 2006

NcFTP Nice Replacement for FTP

Filed under: Linux,Software — cangione @ 12:24 pm

NcFTP is an enhanced FTP client that has some nice command line features like displaying the size of the file and the percentage complete.

April 6, 2006

Way to remember format for crontab

Filed under: Linux — cangione @ 2:59 pm

The crontab file is used to schedule commands. To use it you must remember the format it expects. It is not how shall we say mnemonic. In trying to remember the format, I came across a good linuxjournal article that had an easy way to remember it.

Add a header comment that provides the proper sequence:

$ crontab -e
# ****************Roots crontab***********************

# minute (0-59),
#    hour (0-23),
#       day of the month (1-31),
#          month of the year (1-12),
#             day of the week (0-6, 0=Sunday),
#                command

December 4, 2005

VMware 5.5 Worth the Upgrade for Linux Hosts

Filed under: Linux,Software — cangione @ 9:48 pm

If you are running VMware on a Linux host it is worth the upgrade to
5.5 for the new bridged support for wireless networks. It used
to be the you had to use NAT when running your Virtual Machines under
Linux using a wireless card. This feature had been available for
windows hosts for awhile.

October 23, 2005

Starting at Runlevel 3 instead of Runlevel 5

Filed under: Linux — cangione @ 4:13 pm

If you do not want to start X automatically edit the /etc/inittab
file like this:


What wireless networks are available

Filed under: Linux — @ 6:04 am

Wireless support in Linux is still an area that needs work. Currently
there is no reliable UI like in Windows that lists all of the networks
that are available, however there is a way to get the information from
the command line.

Use the following procedure to determine what wireless networks
are avilable

  1. Open a terminal and switch to the root user
  2. Issue the command /sbin/iwlist scan
  3. The results should list all of the ESSID's available as well as
    information on Channel and Encryption information.

October 18, 2005

Adding Additional RPM sites to yum search

Filed under: Linux — cangione @ 9:33 am

To add additional sites that have RPMs for Linux:

1) Add the site to the yum config file under /etc/yum.conf


name=ATrpms for Fedora Core $releasever

2) Find the sites public signing key


rpm --import

Now when you do a yum install or update that site is added to sites
searched for RPMs. A note, be very careful with sites that have RPMs at
what's called since these tend to be the raw
development builds and can lead to "bad things".....

October 16, 2005

Patch available for VMWare 5 on Fedora Core 4

Filed under: Linux,Software — cangione @ 7:33 am

VMWare 5 will not run on FC4 without running the vmware-any-any-update
after installation.


  1. Install VMWare 5
  2. Grab the latest vmware patch from
  3. Extract the files into a temporary directory.
  4. CD into the directory and run the script.
  5. This replaces two files in the VMWare installation with updated
    version for FC4.
  6. Run



August 21, 2005

Clear DHCP Leases in Linux

Filed under: Linux — cangione @ 1:18 am

When switching networks the DHCP lease on a network adapter such as eth1 is not always cleared causing problems connecting to another network. You can manually remove the lease by going to:


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