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July 23, 2014

Using Apache ANT to run XSLT

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I have been using Apache ANT within Eclipse to run XSLT. The advantage to using ANT is you can easily setup a processing pipeline utilizing various XSLT filters.

Example Ant Target:


August 18, 2011

Determining if XML Content should be printed on 8.5 x 11 or A4 Paper

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I saw a clever style sheet implementation this week. It determined the correct page layout size using the xml:lang attribute. If xml:lang is set to anything other then "en" use the International ISO standard A4 size!

US Letter is actually the most common paper size for office use in several other countries, including Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, the Philippines, and Chile so there are a few more language codes that should be added for the US Letter size if you are doing business there.

July 26, 2007

I’ve Become a Font Snob

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It's two in the morning. I've been done with the content of the document I'm working on for two hours and I just finished selecting the fonts I'm going to use. This is kinda geeky even by my standards.

I blame "The NON-DESIGNER'S COLLECTION" by Robin Williams and John TOLLETT. After reading the three books I guarantee you will never look at serif and sans serif fonts the same way again. After a couple of arduous hours, I've finally selected "Franklin Gothic Medium" as my sans serif font and "Book Antiqua" as my serif font, although I would have preferred to use "RotisSemiSerif" but didn't feel like paying 200 bucks for the font.

Charles Angione

March 23, 2006

oXygen Development Enviornment for XML a multi platform alternative to Altova XML Spy

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Downloaded the latest version of the <oXygen> XML IDE last night and was impressed with what I saw. <oXygen> is cross platform and supports both Linux and Windows as well as the Eclipse IDE. One things that I have always like about the Altova XML Spy suite (that they remove from their community edition) is the ability to collapse an element in the edit interface. This comes in really handy when working with complex documents. <oXygen> also has a nice Schema interface, XPATH 2.0 interface and diffing tool.

Altova charges big bucks for all of this functionality. The equivalent functionality in <oXygen> for 1/4 the price, cross platform to boot? Summary good deal!

NOTE: If you are running <oXygen> under Linux you do need a Sun JVM. The JVM that comes with the Fedora Core 4 & 5 distributions is not supported. To make it work in Fedora Core, rename the supplied /usr/bin/java binary to java.old and then include a link called java to the SUN JVM.

October 25, 2005

Arbortext XSL Support

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A detailed description of the Arbortext 5.1 XSL FO support is
available at:

April 8, 2005

FOP Current Status

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Current FOP status:

March 11, 2005

Good to know about Flow

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 You can't have static content (ie stuff for headers and footers in the fo:flow element)! Put it before.


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 A common mistake is to put provisional-distance-between-starts on the fo:list-item element instead of the fo:list-block element.


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 A good way to add seperators and dots to a line on a page.


Comparing CSS and XSL: A Reply from Norm Walsh

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 Interesting debate. Like Norm I’d prefer an XML expression of CSS.



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